Activate Events

Hey! My name is Kristin Keith, I'm an idea creator to my core. I love thinking about how to make life easier, more meaningful, and happier for people like me. I like staying active, usually while doing something competitive. You won't see any gym selfies of me....unless of course I'm playing volleyball or basketball. I like problem solving and doing. I am excited about planning and watching plans come together, its so satisfying. If you have a plan but you don't know how to get it off the ground, call me! I want to help you.

Classy with a little swag... that's how I would describe myself. My name is Lorin, I have a degree in journalism from the UofO and my passion for athletics led my drive to want to work in sports! I took an internship for Oregon IMG sports marketing and discovered I have a knack for marketing, designing marketing plans to help businesses grow! In my four year stint working in radio I have honed in on marketing skills and am now applying them to my own business with Activate Events.